Current technical status

Spectrograph: Steady state (permanently mounted).

PFU: Steady state (permanently mounted).

Polarimeters: Steady state (exchanging with MODS).

Sensor feeds from the spectrograph and utilities

Cutout picture of the PEPSI chamber design. The temperature sensors are mainly inside the innermost insulation cover, in air and on the optical components.

This shows the values from some selected sensors from the last 12 hours.

12 h status plot.
12 h status plot of most sensors inside the spectrograph chamber, the PFUs, CCDs and Polarimeters.

A more visual representation of the temperatures under the cover inside the spectrograph chamber is a heat map. Here a red-to-blue colour scheme depicts warmer areas with red and cooler with blue colours. The maximum colour depth is reached at 0,125 degrees difference to the average table temperature. Upper picture shows the temperatures just under the roof of the cover, about 90cm above the table surface. Lower picture overlays the sensor positions (white) with the optical components and their temperatures (grey).

12h heat map.
12h heat map showing the temperature differences on the table, on optical components, and above it.