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KELT-9 b optical Mg I triplet detected

PEPSI has detected the optical Mg I triplet at 7.8-sigma in the extended atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9 b. Constraints are placed on the density and radial extent of the excited hydrogen envelope.

Average line profiles for the Mg triplet lines of the Kelt-9 b atmosphere.
Average line profiles for the Mg triplet lines of the Kelt-9 b atmosphere. ST is the ratio stellar spectrum in transit divided by stellar spectrum out of transit. Possible contaminating atomic transitions are marked with vertical red lines. Spectral resolution R is 50,000.


Read more: Cauley et al., 2019, AJ 157, 69

Kelt-21b: A hot Jupiter transiting the rapidly-rotating metal-poor late-A primary of a likely hierarchical triple system

Detection of the line profile perturbations confirmed that the planet candidate Kelt-21b does indeed transit its rapidly rotating host star. Furthermore, the motion of the line profile perturbation across the line profile during the transit diagnosted the spin-orbit misalignment, which is the angle between the stellar spin and planetary orbital angular momentum vectors projected onto the plane of the sky.

The Doppler tomographic PEPSI data for KELT-21. Time is from bottom up. Vertical lines mark the center of the line profile at v=0 and the edges at v = v sin i, a horizontal line shows the time of mid-transit, and the four small crosses depict the times of first through fourth contacts.


Read more: Johnson et al. 2018, AJ, 2018, 155, 100

Posters presented at the 2nd LBT users meeting in Florence on June 20-23, 2017.